"This should tell you all you need to know." I could not agree more. It is heartbreaking that so many do not see. I appreciate your assessment of "those who do not wish us to flourish." The shoe fits.

On the subject of the slander of ivermectin (and many other affordable, effective treatments), a main "reason" for the criminal misrepresentations of the injection pushers was that the law does not allow for an EUA to be issued (and none ever had been before for any vaccine) if there are * any * effective treatments in existence. Nor can one be issued, under law, unless there is an EMERGENCY situation. Lies and fraud were necessary on both counts for them to get what they wanted: authorization to market their 'miracle' products ~ products (all three! from Pfizer, Moderna, and J & J) which STILL lack FDA approval.

Thank you for this.

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Inspiring words. Thank you!

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